Moving houses is not a simple procedure, and it is usual for customers to forget or accidentally leave out some of the minor things that end up preventing the move from going as planned. Despite sharing notices and a reminder with the consumer, movers always run into some incidents. To ensure that customers have a seamless moving experience, we would like to share some of the essential moving checklists and keynotes.

Everything seems to be set up and ready to depart? Well, if the task below is not finished, this may not be the case. The following are a few frequently forgotten steps that caused a delay on a moving day. We want to underline this and offer additional information on a subject that impacts us all.

Approval  From Building Management

The note of departure is essential to avoid being stopped and put on hold on a moving day. The customer is required to apply for a relocation permit and notify the building management officer after you have determined the exact moving date. Usually, it takes a week for the application to be approved.

Additionally, movers may only begin work on residences on weekdays between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, and up until 2:00 pm on Saturday. However, separate condo management uses a variety of protocols. If the above status is not followed, the security officer will not permit the movers to start the moving task.

Deposit And Criteria For Moving

In addition to an application form, some property management companies ask for a security deposit from customers moving into or out of a unit. The tenant must pay the deposit and confirm with the officers whether the lift and common corridor need to be protected with plywood and padding.

Valuable Items

Where should you store your valuable belongings throughout the move to keep them secure and undamaged? Before moving day, we advise you to store with a friend, relative, or bank. We wish to protect your valuable belongings and prevent any disputes when something that should have tremendous sentimental worth is stolen or missing.

Food In The Fridge

One day before the move, empty and defrost the refrigerator of all its contents. Empty the ice cube tray and turn off the refrigerator and freezer. Use a sponge or cloth to clean the freezer’s interior, then wipe the seal around the door. Most importantly, avoid having any leftover food, including meat, fruit, or vegetables, as it will stink the next day.

Earlier Pack, Pack And Pack Everything

Make sure you pack and arrange your belongings properly. Moving companies are short on time, thus packing the items on the same day is not possible. A little piece of advice would be to start packing unneeded clothing, books, and other goods that are infrequently used a few weeks sooner. Avoid packing your belongings the night before since they could be lost. The moving checklist should include a complete list.

Moving Saver Kits

Collect the kits (the items listed below) and put them in a bag. While the boxes are all packed, avoid opening the box again to look for the item.

Final Check

Look into every little corner of your home, including any wall outlets, WiFi routers, TV boxes, or even lockable drawers. Before giving the property to the next tenant, clean it up. When returning a rented home to the landlord, if possible, take a photo and note the condition. Also, make sure the owner has approved the payment of the bill. Our affordable-priced movers and packers services in Malaysia will give you an experience of value for money.