We’re selling packing boxes RM12 per box (size L 550x400x450mm). Packing will be RM20, unpacking will be RM13.

Use quality boxes because they hold your stuff in place during the move and protect it from scratches. You don’t want to use old or beaten-up boxes that might fall apart during your move. It’s also easier to stack and load boxes tightly on the lorry with standard moving boxes since they’re all the same size.

  • We use corrugated boxes to pack books, kitchen utensils, clothes, documents, and light stuff
  • Wardrobe boxes – Keep clothes like suits straight so the fabric doesn’t wrinkle.
  • Boxes for storing glasses – Keep them safe and prevent collisions between them during moving. Wrap the boxes in bubble wrap before putting them inside.

For packing or packaging boxes, moving boxes call PindahRumah Service

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